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CrysisWars Linux Dedicated Server  

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Автор: SaNek_Cry от 4-08-2011, 17:49, посмотрело: 40

CrysisWars Linux Dedicated Server

Crysis Wars Linux Dedicated Server - это документация и файлы от разработчиков, для создания выделенного сервера по мультиплеерному паку Crysis Wars на ситемах с ОС Linux.


1. Get the retail Crysis Wars(tm) disc(s) (there may be multiple discs depending on what edition of the game you have obtained, or perhaps a single DVD-ROM disc). You may also collect the game data from a copy purchased through Steam(tm), in which case the data will be located in "$PROGRAM_FILES\Steam\steamapps\common\crysis wars"

2. Install the game on Windows(r) and install Patch 5. Copy the installed game to your Linux system. Please copy everything, including the Windows .exe and .dll files, as they may be used for anti-cheat efforts, even on a Linux server.

3. Please make sure you transfer the data as BINARY and not TEXT or ASCII if you use the FTP protocol to upload the files!

4. Unpack this archive in the root of the newly-copied tree (there should be a "Bin32" directory in that directory!). Files such as Bin32/LinuxLauncher need to go into the correct subdirectories; make sure they don't lose the path information and all copy into the base directory!

5. OPTIONAL: Install PunkBuster:
cd Bin32
mkdir -p "$HOME/.Crysis Wars"
./pbsetup.run -e
./pbsetup.run --add-game=wh --add-game-path="$HOME/.Crysis Wars"
./pbsetup.run -u
You will need to agree to the PunkBuster license before you may install it. This will download the latest version of the Punkbuster software to your Linux server, so you need an Internet connection.

6. Now, run the server:
cd /where/i/copied/crysiswars/Bin32

7. When you see the console, the game server has started, but you need to start a map before the server will accept connections. At this point, type:

8. Now you should see your server in the in-game browser. You will now want to customize your server, including writing config files and command lines that don't require human interaction, but that is beyond the scope of this document. Please refer to the original dedicated server documentation for detailed information.

Настройка аналогична настройке Crysis Wars Dedicated Server Package.

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