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George Harrison was born in Liverpool in He began playing guitar at age twelve, and by the time he was seventeen, he was a Beatle, one of four musicians who permanently changed the landscape of popular music history. By the time he was 25and committed to spiritual pursuits, Harrison was to pop music what Picasso was to art or Thomas Edison to: an astounding talent, an important example of what an innovative mind could bring to his craft. A generation raised in the turmoil of war and hungering for a more enlightened way to live appreciated not only his music but his thinking. At a Christmas reception at Apple Studios , the Beatles were holding a press conference about their upcoming Abbey Road album. John peeked out from the pressroom, scanned the crowd assembled for the reception, and made a quick exit out of the building.

In Brooklyn, a Hare Krishna Reckoning

Guided by the principle that one should move through life with open eyes and some degree of self-awareness, and that one should share the fruits of one’s insights and intuitions, I would like to pass on some useful information to anyone who might be getting involved in the Krishna movement. I myself was a loyal, dedicated, and influential devotee for many years, and have had many years since to reflect on and make sense of my experiences.

It’s my hope that what I write here will help bring some clarity to your spiritual quest.

As the Hare Krishna Society builds a lavish new temple in India, it is A date has been set for late January at State Supreme Court in Brooklyn.

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The people asking may be thinking of Hare Krishna men, with robes and shaved heads, dancing in the street and playing drums. They can’t quite fit the ladies into​.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. For many Americans, the common perception of the Hare Krishna faith is young men with shaved heads and saffron robes professing their faith in airports and city centers.

Founded in New York City in the s by A. According to a piece in the Brookyln Quarterly , in the United States, the movement’s rise is often associated with “attracting converts who were inspired by the spiritual experimentation of the s but had become disenchanted with the period’s excesses” — notably, white young adults who considered themselves members of the counterculture.

The association of Hare Krishnas with cult stereotypes, particularly in the West, is perhaps why the restaurants operated by temples across the globe remain one of the best-kept secrets in dining. Often housed in lush, meticulously maintained temples, Krishna restaurants serve a dual purpose — nourishing the bodies and souls of both devotees and people from the surrounding community who dine there.

Food and the Hare Krishna movement are intrinsically linked. Schweig, a professor of religion at Virginia’s Christopher Newport University. In the s, Prabhupada taught his first disciples how to prepare Indian dishes that follow the Krishnas’ strict dietary guidelines including an adherence to a vegetarian diet and use of ingredients considered ” sattvic ” — those that promote “purity, strength, and clearness of the mind” like fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, legumes, and dairy products.

Temples across the globe began opening their doors for “Sunday love feasts,” in which people in the community were invited to the temple to enjoy prasadam , or food prepared by devotees in offering to Krishna. According to Schweig, temples began opening restaurants in the s. It really comes down to part of their service to God and to humanity.

Hare Krishna movement and sexual orientation

Keep me logged in. Forgot your password? Your best chances of finding someone like-minded to date is if you start mingling among your own crowd – Hare Krishna fans and devotees.

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T he chanting starts at five in the morning. The windows of the temple room are open and the cries of its congregants drift out into the pre-dawn. Across the street, dew has settled on the manicured lawns of the University of Florida campus. Four additional properties surround the main house, comprising a traditional ashram setting where devotees live rent-free, studying scripture, chanting and cooking vegetarian meals in service of Lord Krishna.

An altar at the front of the temple room features a lineage of gurus — all men — spanning centuries, shrunk down to the size of action figures. In an adjoining room is a life-size wax statue of AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, dressed in traditional saffron garb with African iris petals sprinkled at his feet, his bald head and broad, downturned lips immortalized in fiberglass and resin.

They chant his name thousands of times throughout the day. Sitting at the base of the statue are Kalakantha Das and Brahmatirtha birth names Carl and Bob, from Albuquerque and Newark, respectively , who met Prabhupada in the early 70s. He told a small group of devotees to start a lunch program on the university campus there to attract interest.

It has continued for 48 years, serving roughly 1, students, faculty members and Gainesville residents vegetarian meals for a five-dollar donation every day school is in session. Devotees proliferated in Gainesville and a neighboring rural town called Alachua — home to the Alachua Hare Krishna Temple, a acre ranch with its own cattle pastures, eco-farms, housing, elementary and high schools — buying property, opening temples and starting families.

Carl and Bob have been recruiting devotees since , the year Prabhupada died.

Soul-Searchers Connecting for Love & Romance

Outside, there are cranes, scaffolding and cement trucks. But inside and down a few stairs, there is faint, dulcet chanting piped through speakers. Contented diners, ranging from municipal workers to financial sector employees, sit together with plates piled full of eggplant Parmesan and chana masala. But at its most basic, the conflict also reveals how the real-world notions of financial power and political control can disrupt a religion that is supposed to embrace selflessness.

Hare Krishna Community and Cultural Centre coming up The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), more popularly Click on a date below to see temple, festival and other Hindu events happening all.

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Hare Krishna

Barbara Bradley Hagerty. Have you ever wondered why Hare Krishnas don’t eat meat, or how the movement differs from other strains of Hinduism? Read a primer on the Hare Krishna movement and its practices and beliefs. Its name comes from its chant — Hare Krishna — which devotees repeat over and over. It was started in the 16th century by Sri Chaitanya of Bengal He emphasized the worship of Krishna and believed that chanting the names of God was so powerful that in addition to one’s own meditation on them, they should also be chanted in the streets for the benefit of all.

And Chaitanya Himself appeared in a succession of teachers dating back thousands of years in India. This lineage, called the Brahma-Madhva Gaudiya.

Nikko, 19, met Jaycee Akinsanya, 34, at The University of Arizona where they both are currently students:. He also revealed that Jaycee has already met with both his mom Vanna and his father, the restaurant mogul George Santo Pietro. Both Nikko and Jaycee described the meeting as a success, although they slept in separate rooms while staying with them in Los Angeles.

Despite the apparently amicable meet and greet, Nikko’s relationship with Jaycee, who originally hails from Liberia, has reportedly concerned Vanna and ex-husband George. Vanna allegedly fears Nikko may become brainwashed by the Hare Krishna or used to gain access to his parents’ considerable assets. He added: ‘The money I asked for was for my living expenses — food, gas and for living my spiritual life with Jaycee.

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