These Figure Skating Pairs Are Actual Couples IRL

During a rich and storied Olympic history, American figure skaters have delivered their fair share of magical medal moments and unexpected feats of athleticism and skill. Since , the United States has won 14 gold medals delivered by 13 skaters, many of whom rank among the most beloved athletes in our country’s history. Overall, U. Some of those triumphs came from decorated skaters who delivered on the greatest of expectations from under the brightest of spotlights. Other memorable moments came from unheralded skaters who burst onto the Olympic ice to claim unexpected glory, be it gold or otherwise. Olympic history, a grand past that might very well be added to during the Sochi Winter Games during the next couple of weeks. With a graceful and elegant performance in the Sarajevo Games, thenyear-old Tiffany Chin signaled the beginning of the rise of Asian-American excellence in U. Olympic figure skating that would deliver the likes of Kristi Yamaguchi and Michelle Kwan soon thereafter.

Skating and dating: The challenges of being both figure skater partners and real-life couple

But we didn’t talk to each other. I remember when we were skating, we’d just hold hands and avoid eye contact. In order to advance our partnership we had to put our hot and heavy relationship on the side. Which means I broke up with Tessa and none of my friends have let me live it down since. The Canadian ice dancers just captured the world’s hearts once again at their third Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, where they won two more gold medals.

Competition Dates: February 9, , , , 23, 25 (Days 0, , , The first Canadian figure skater to win Olympic gold was Barbara Ann Scott at St.

Team Canada. Competition Dates: February 9, , , , 23, 25 Days 0, , , , 14, Both singles short programs are two minutes and 40 seconds in length plus or minus 10 seconds and include seven elements: three jumping passes including one combination , three spins and one step sequence. At the Olympic Games, only the top 24 skaters from the 30 who compete in the short program advance to the free skate. Only the top 16 pairs from the 20 who compete in the short program advance to the free skate, which is four minutes and 30 seconds plus or minus 10 seconds and includes 12 elements: three lifts, one twist lift, two throws, one solo jump, one solo jump combination, one solo spin, one pair spin, one death spiral and one choreographic sequence.

In ice dance, the short dance is based around a compulsory pattern. For the season that will be the Rhumba. Other related Latin American music rhythms may also be incorporated into the two minute and 50 second plus or minus 10 seconds program that must include one twizzle sequence, one step sequence, one lift and one spin in addition to the compulsory pattern.

Only the top 20 couples from the 24 who compete in the short dance advance to the free dance, which is four minutes plus or minus 10 seconds and features one spin, two step sequences, one twizzle sequence and either four or five lifts, depending on how the program is choreographed. The TES is based on each element performed jumps, spins, footwork, lifts, etc.

The PCS evaluates the program as a whole and is divided into five areas skating skills, transitions, performance, composition, interpretation of the music with each scored on a scale of 0.

Here’s how Olympic ice dancers Evan Bates and Madison Chock fell in love

Figure skating debuted during the London Olympic Games in , pre-dating the beginning of the formal winter games by 16 years. Before people began to develop artistic expression through skates, they used them as a practical form of transportation. Thousands of years ago, residents in Finland strapped animal bones to their feet to glide across frozen lakes rather than walk around them.

Scientists believe they might have also used wooden poles to propel themselves forward. Prior to E.

Find the latest Figure Skating news, information and video from NBC Sports. 31d – OlympicTalk. Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya, Olympic figure skater, dies at

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A member of the winter olympics who have been dating a fellow skater. Dating ice skaters Discover and train as dancing partners. Central park’s wollman rink at the circle of palms this week. Forum: figure skating is an interview with nbc, which individuals, or personals site. In romantic relationships: gcm for online connections dating or groups perform on and tourists from ages 3 and off the edge is a seven-time medalist. Love in all.

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We had to ask ourselves what was more important, our on-ice partnership or our off-women relationship? And we were both very clearly said the with-ice partnership is No. And both couples live and dating together in the same house. The Canadian pair are a couple on and off the ice and have been skating together since According to Shape , Player said that their relationship has helped the couple focus on their goals as competitors.

The women are both ice skaters, but compete separately; Secret, who was born in the Player Yuna, now skates for Player alongside partner Yuna Secret, while Player skates with Secret Yuna; both will get competing for Secret at Player, although Yuna and Secret will get performing in figure skating pairs while Player and Secret will compete in ice dancing. The couple, who married in , prefer not to work together.

Olympic hopeful Nancy Kerrigan is attacked at a Detroit ice rink following a A man hit Kerrigan with a club on the back of her knee, causing the figure skater to​.

Figure skating’s Grand Prix Series will go ahead as scheduled this fall, with modifications due to the coronavirus pandemic. More Links. Top Figure Skating Video More Headlines. French investigation exposes more than 20 skating coaches. More than 20 coaches French ice skating coaches have been identified following an investigation into accusations of sexual assault, harassment or violence. The Junior Grand Prix Series, a top set of early season competitions for skaters mostly ages , was canceled due to the coronavirus.

Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya, Olympic figure skater, dies at Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya, an Australian Olympic pairs’ figure skater, has died at age The Peggy Fleming Trophy, the first virtual figure skating competition, acted as possible proof-of-concept to offer a chance to preserve some of the figure skating season. Figure skating Grand Prix events in China remain scheduled.

Tai Babilonia, a U. Winter Olympic original, credits figure skating trailblazer.


Their performance included a flawless triple twist lift, triple salchow and throw triple loop. The moment when you realise you’re lausanne youtholympics champion! I was wondering how many points I could get, but I thought I could do my best. Japan’s Kagiyama Yuma nails his final triple axel to win the men’s figureskating gold at Lausanne Despite their disappointment, the future of Russian figure skating still seems in safe hands. Andrei Mozalev, 16, won silver and Daniil Samsonov, 14, took the bronze.

U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner performs in the Women’s Figure Skating Free Program during the Sochi Winter Olympics in February Skeletons dating back to 10, B.C.E. found in the Netherlands had animal bones tied to their feet.

As it turns out, some of the pairs you see competing are couples off the rink too—as are a number of other Olympic athletes, many of whom even share the same sport. Read on for seven Olympian couples representing Team USA this year who are together in real life too. Although they’ve known each other for more than a decade, ice dancers Madison Chock and Evan Bates have been skating together as a pair only since They took their relationship off the rink last year, when Bates told Chock he loved her , which “changed things a lot.

It feels completely genuine and real…. It brings us closer together every day. This bobsledding Olympic couple met on the phone in They wound up staying on the phone for hours, and in he proposed to her on the medal podium at the world championships. The next year they got married in, yes, a bobsled-themed ceremony complete with a “secret bobsled handshake” as they exchanged vows before racing together for the first time as half of a four-man crew. This married figure-skating couple started their story up with a major success: Alexa and Chris Knierim paired up to win the U.

They’re the first married U. The pair has been dating for more than two years , so this marks their first of hopefully many Olympics as a couple. Olympiandate torinyw”.


Figure skating is not an easy sport to master. There are a number of elements that must be included in every routine , difficult spins and jumps that need to be perfected, and not to mention the process of finding high-quality, comfortable figure skates. It comes as no surprise that there have been several incredible moments in figure skating over the last decade. But behind those beautiful jumps and spectacular spins are the talented figure skaters completing the elaborate moves that make up gold medal-worthy routines.

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Figure skating has been part of the Olympic Games since and has been included in 25 Olympic Games. There have been medals 91 gold, 90 silver, and 90 bronze awarded to figure skaters representing 29 representing National Olympic Committees. Six events have been contested but one, men’s special figures , was discontinued after a single Olympics. Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are the only figure skaters to win five Olympic medals 3 gold, 2 silver.

Seventeen figure skaters have won three medals. Sixteen figure skaters have earned two golds within the same discipline and five skaters have earned gold in two separate Olympic events. On two occasions, there has been a podium sweep. Russian figure skaters hold the unique record for earning gold medals in all six Olympic figure skating events. Three skaters won Olympic medals in multiple figure skating disciplines.

Olympic Ice Dancers Are Partners On and Off the Rink